Debt Payoff Report – April 2018

Debt Payoff Report – April 2018

I feel like every month I just want to comment on how quickly the month passed. (Except January, because January lasted 74 days this year.) April was kind of a blur of work-related stress that I’m glad to put behind me!

In April I bought a new screen protector for my phone, Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch, and a pair of sneakers.

Including interest, I’ve paid $2,885.35 to my debt this month!

April Milestones

I’m under $80,000 owing! There is serious magic in dropping down to a new first digit. I’ve also paid off $10,000 this year and over $50,000 in total!


What’s up in May?

I have peaks and valleys in my debt repayment timeline and May is probably going to be a valley. I’m traveling for work and I have a couple of planned purchases that will slow me down a bit. That’s all part of the journey though!

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