Debt Payoff Report – August 2017

Debt Payoff Report – August 2017

August was pretty standard as far as debt payments go. I’ve settled into a routine where I pay $600 on my student loan at the beginning of the month, and $1,300 on my student line of credit in the middle of the month. My current goal is to continue with these payments until either my income increases, or the interest portion of the payment decreases. At that point I’ll raise the amounts to the next $100 increment. (I like round numbers!)

Yay, another $1,900 gone! Including interest, I’ve paid $2,237.78 to my debt this month. Imagine when these payments are done.. it will be like a $2,000 raise! (Mostly to my investment accounts, of course, but still!)

August Milestones

My student loan is now finally out of the $40,000s after almost two years! I’m also so close to being under six figures that I can barely contain myself.


What’s up in September?

Next month is a big milestone – $99,900! I’ll have to stop saying I owe six figures of student loan debt – what will happen to my precious identity?!

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