Debt Payoff Report – February 2018

Debt Payoff Report – February 2018

Is it awful that one of the best things about February was buying a replacement can opener? I will easily drop money on luxuries yet agonize over mundane household necessities. Not needing assistance opening canned goods was absolutely worth it and I should have done this months ago. Did you hear that, self?!

I also went snowboarding for the first time in a decade and I’m still alive which I consider a major win. Something about leaving my 20s behind has made me very aware of my mortality. I’m not one to be afraid of aging in the sense of appearance or the artificial expiration date women seem to be assigned at midnight on their 30th birthday. I am more concerned about unlikely sporting mishaps though – especially after getting stuck on the chair lift for a while.

As for debt repayment, I’m back on track with my usual amounts.

Including interest, I’ve paid $2,817.57 to my debt this month!

February Milestones

Nothing too exciting – I did hit the 35% paid mark though!


What’s up in March?

It’s tax refund time! I have some work expenses to float, but even with that I’ll be able to make an extra payment. I’m also hitting an exciting milestone on my student loan..

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  • Yay, so excited for you to hit the 70s mark!

    True story: I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding. I haven’t had many opportunities to do so, but I did decline one with extended family a few Christmases ago. I definitely have a fear that it would end up in a broken bone or two!

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