Debt Payoff Report – June 2018

Debt Payoff Report – June 2018

Probably the thing I hate most about being in debt is simultaneously wanting the summer months to stretch out but also wanting them to blur by so I can make more payments.

In June I bought all the things: a backpack that cost more than you’d think, a two year pass to Grouse Mountain so I can torture myself on the Grouse Grind, a yoga mat and a pair of yoga pants, and several bottles of wine.

Including interest, I’ve paid $3,584.14 to my debt this month!

June Milestones

I’m under $20,000 on my student loan, and under $75,000 total!


What’s up in July?

July is going to be long and annoying – I’m getting close enough to the halfway point to be impatient about it!

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