Debt Payoff Report – March 2018

Debt Payoff Report – March 2018

We’ve finished the first quarter of 2018! I’m close to last year’s numbers for spending and debt repayment, so we’re looking good.

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra tempted me this month – I bought tickets to two of their summer shows! What is money for, if not to watch Harry Potter movies with a full orchestra playing the score? Bliss.

Other notable purchases include a muffin pan and baking rack, sunscreen, and a pair of work shoes (Clarks Endvale Opal Slip-On Oxfords, if you’re curious). Can we talk about how awful shopping for shoes is for a second? Stylish, professional, comfortable, ethical, sustainable = pick two.

Anyway, on to the crushing of debt!

Including interest, I’ve paid $3,784.92 to my debt this month!

March Milestones

This month was brought to you by my tax refund. I did have to use some of it for work expenses, but I was able to pay an extra $1,000 which is always exciting.

I’m under $85,000 total, and for the first time since I started this journey my monthly interest was under $300!


What’s up in April?

Next month should be another business as usual month – other than dropping into the $70,000s which I’m very¬†excited about! I’m not expecting anything to catch me off-guard with the budget – but we never do, do we?

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