Debt Payoff Report – November 2017

Debt Payoff Report – November 2017

November was a little slow compared to recent months, and I’ve been mentally preparing myself for that. After a major win in October when I paid off $4,800, it was tough to be back to normal – or slightly lower than normal. It’s all part of the journey though! My lowest month in 2017 is still more than my highest month in 2016, so that’s something to celebrate!

One of the reasons for my lower payments this month was that I bought a laptop. I had recycled my previous laptop over the summer after owning it for ten years and hadn’t purchased a new one until this month. I started a second job working from home that I couldn’t do without one, so I decided to take the tradeoff of a low month now to increase my income in the future.

Including interest, I’ve paid $1,849.20 to my debt this month!

November Milestones

I made it under $60,000 on my student line of credit and I’ve also hit $25,000+ principal paid this year!


What’s up in December?

I’ll be getting a raise in December with a few months of back pay and I have two weeks off so I’ll be working a few more hours at my second job. Next month is going to be big!

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