Your Debt Payoff Timeline Will Change – And That’s Okay

Your Debt Payoff Timeline Will Change – And That’s Okay

May 2026

September 2021

August 2024

May 2021

March 2020

What do these dates have in common?

They were all, at one time or another, dates when I thought I would make the final payment on my student loan debt.

Right now I’m hovering around July 2020, which is four months later than I expected just a few days ago. Sometimes you forget about certain expenses, or you miscalculate your payments, or, if you’re me, you accidentally count an upcoming raise twice. Ugh.

That’s where perspective comes in. I could view this as a four month setback, or I could remember that my new timeline is still almost six years earlier than I estimated when I first started this journey. Every month of debt freedom is another month where your money belongs to your future instead of your past. That’s something to celebrate.

I can’t say I wasn’t elated whenever I shortened my timeline and dejected whenever I extended it, but after a few days those feelings both faded and I went back to the steady grind of making payments.

Because that’s all this is.

Changing habits, making payments, changing habits, making payments.

The most common question I get is: HOW? How are you doing this?

I wish I had the silver bullet answer to your werewolf question. I don’t. If I did I assure you I’d already be debt free and living on my own private island in the Bahamas somewhere.

Everyone seems to want the infomercial solution, but when have those magic pills or quick fixes ever worked?

I’m not getting rid of debt by consolidating, or using a credit repair company, or racking up credit card rewards. I’m getting out of debt by changing habits and making payments.

The truth is that your timeline might change but the game never does.

Make money, send that money to debt.

That’s it.

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