Don’t Hide Behind Your Children

Don’t Hide Behind Your Children

It sounds ridiculous when I put it like that, doesn’t it?

The truth is, I could have easily said Don’t Hide Behind Your … Income – Job – City – Relationship – Parents. Children are just the most common excuse I read for people not pursuing greatness, so I went with them (sorry, kids!).

On virtually every article about financial success there are comments like these:

  • “I’d like to see someone do this with kids.”
  • “Not as a single person!”
  • “On that salary, I could retire early too!”
  • “Must be nice to live rent free.”
  • “I wish my parents paid for my education.”
  • “Impossible when you live in an expensive city.”
  • “I’m a Leo so I physically cannot save money.”
  • “That wouldn’t work for me because my pet rock has asthma.”


What I’m trying to figure out is how all of these excuses are helping YOU. My hunch is that they’re not, except to help you feel better about not making any progress toward improving your life.

How do I know this? I’ve done the exact same thing for years.

I could list excuses that I could use (and have used) if you want to commiserate?

  • I have a long commute
  • I live in the most expensive city in Canada
  • I have six figures of debt
  • I don’t have a six figure salary

What happens when we remove the barriers that we’ve set up?

For me, ditching the excuses meant facing everything that was actually holding me back – my spending and my attitude and my behavior. I took control wherever I could find it, cut my expenses, and started crushing my student loan debt. I didn’t suddenly reform my habits overnight – I made several small but consistent changes that eventually added up to major progress. As soon as I cut the power to the excuse generator, I started to see results.

Instead of saying “I couldn’t do that,” try saying “how could I do that?” Ask yourself which strategies someone used to succeed, and choose one that you could apply to your own life. You might not retire at age 30 with a million dollars (hey, me neither!), but it’s not an all or nothing scenario. Your life is a spectrum, and you can be close to or far from your ideal life depending on your choices. Yes, fortune is a factor, but does that mean we should just ignore the effort side of the equation? Don’t give up before you even start.

So, when is it time to improve your life?

Side note: If want proof that you can pursue financial independence with kids, in a high cost of living area, or as a geologist, check out the Rockstar Finance Directory! There are many search terms, and no more excuses.

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