I stumbled across the Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE) world in 2016, entirely by accident.

I had been making minimum payments on $130,000 of student loan debt and gaining no traction.

Searching for articles about debt repayment and spending reduction, I discovered the infamous pair of Mr. Money Mustache articles The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement and News Flash: Your Debt Is An Emergency!!. Wakeup call is an understatement..

A year later, my spending is down, my principal payments are up, and my debt free date has shortened from 2026 to 2020.

As a complete – but welcome! – side effect, I’ve also projected that I can slash my working career in HALF from 40 years to 20 and quit my 9-5 by age 47..

I’m still learning, and I fully expect my plans to change over the next two decades, but even if I fall short of this goal.. I’m still doing better than most of the population! Let’s figure this all out together!