You Don’t Stumble Out Of Debt

You Don’t Stumble Out Of Debt

Every day, I’m surrounded by people who have been conditioned to believe that debt is an acceptable and normal part of modern human existence. They can’t imagine a world, or their life, without debt. They expect to have a mortgage and a car payment for most of their working lives and then somehow be debt free by retirement. They can’t seem to figure out where all of their money is going every month.


I used to be one of them, and maybe you are too.. but we don’t want to be those people anymore, do we? People who believe that paying interest to a lender in order to buy something that you can’t afford is actually a privilege rather than a penalty? People who think that setting up automatic minimum payments while changing none of their habits eventually leads to being financially stable?

Here’s the thing.

You don’t stumble out of debt.

You have to intentionally, actively, aggressively, FIGHT AND CLAW your way out of debt.

You have to make the tough choices. Every. Single. Day.


You bring your lunch to work instead of eating out. You cook (almost) all of your meals at home. You cut out expensive drinks and switch to water. You unsubscribe from email lists that tempt you to shop. Speaking of shopping, what is a mall? It’s been so long since you saw one that you almost forget what they look like. You take better care of your clothes because you don’t plan to buy any this year, or maybe even the year after that. You invite your friends over for board game nights and potlucks. You take transit or bike instead of driving. You sell everything that isn’t nailed down. You pick up extra hours or other jobs.

You get the picture.

Most people don’t think they can make the tough choices. They really need that daily beverage of choice to function, they couldn’t possibly find the time to cook when they already work so hard at their job, and doesn’t everyone deserve to treat themselves every once in awhile?

I think we all know where that attitude leads!

So, are you going to stumble your way out of debt, or are you going to charge out of debt like a crazed wildebeest?

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